Startups Show Resilience Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic 


The world economy has been adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Coronavirus forced layoffs, business closures and bankruptcies, along with government bailouts. Startup businesses of different types have also been affected by the global pandemic. With increased distribution of the vaccine and numbers of cases on the decline, there’s light on the horizon that things […]

Tips to get Investors to Invest in your Startup Business 

Tips to get Investors to Invest in your Startup Business You’ve got an innovative idea for a Startup Business, the spirit of an entrepreneur, a name for your business, and a solid crew willing to “go all in” on your idea. All you need is the actual funds to get your business launched. If Shark […]

Five Challenges Facing Your Biotech Startup Company 

While Biotech is booming in Boston, there are challenges you will encounter as you launch and grow your Biotech Startup Company. Be prepared to meet these challenges and always begin with the proper insurance program.

Four Tips to Scale Up Your Startup Smoothly 

Transitioning to scale can be tricky. Read these tips for smooth scaling.

Five Risks for Startups to Manage and Three to Avoid 

Startup success is all about managing some risk while avoiding others. Take a look at our suggestions for mitigating risk for your startup.

Why Your Startup Business Needs Cyber Coverage 

Cyber Crime

You may be focused on getting your Tech Startup off the ground, but don’t neglect to invest in cyber insurance coverage. Take a look at our blog post on the seven things that entrepreneurs need to know about cyber security.

Seven Tips to Increase the odds of Your Technology Startup Business’ Success 

Starting your own business, takes time and dedication. Technology Startups are up against fierce competition but with new developments and innovation, there is also enormous opportunity. McSweeney & Ricci Insurance offers insurance programs for every stage of your startup business. Your insurance package will be tailored to fit your specific needs and adjustments will be made […] List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies 

Take a look at List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies.

Necessary Marketing Strategies for Startup Businesses 

Marketing Your Startup Business

While there is no magic formula to rocket your Startup Business to success, using these 5 Marketing strategies provided by will help get your business noticed and can help result in more customers.

Linked In Founder Says 90% of Tech Start-Ups Overvalued 

A recent article by Wealth Advisor finds that 90% of Tech Start-ups are Overvalued.