Insurance for Technology Companies in Boston

The rapid rate of innovation in the technology industry presents both ample opportunity and unique challenges for business owners. We help local entrepreneurs protect their livelihood with specialized insurance for technology companies in Boston. Whether your business focuses on hardware, software, biotechnology, e-commerce, support service or any other facets of the technology sector, our risk management professionals can identify and address specific challenges with personalized coverage solutions.  Keeping our finger on the pulse of the tech industry allows us to respond to emerging risk factors as they present themselves and keep your company safe.

When it comes to insurance for Boston technology companies, there are no “one-size-fits all” solutions. Our partnerships with many of the top insurance companies allow us to take a personalized approach to your coverage. We tailor your insurance to fit your company’s unique business model, risk factors and budget.

Our experienced insurance professionals get to know your technology startup’s business operations. This information allows us to develop and implement an effective risk management strategy for your operation that can be adjusted as your business grows.

Customized insurance for technology companies can include:

  • Cyber Liability – Cyber criminals will often target data kept on in-house servers, cloud storage and other devices. Strong security infrastructure and regular monitoring alone are not enough to prevent instances of unauthorized access, ransomware and other costly data breaches. Cyber liability insurance can help companies recover from cyber attacks.
  • Employment Practices –If an employee sues for wrongful termination, harassment, or discrimination, EPLI can cover legal costs and other related damages.
  • Workers’ Compensation – While physical injuries are not commonly associated with technology companies, they can and do occur. For example, a technician entering a client’s home could slip on ice or be bit by their dog and require medical attention. Even sitting at a computer for extended periods of time can result in carpal tunnel, eye strain and spinal issues. Worker’s compensation can provide reimbursement for related medical expenses, lost income, legal representation and more.
  • Commercial Auto – Protect employees, yourself and everyone else on the road with commercial auto insurance for your company vehicles.

With business insurance for your startup from McSweeney & Ricci, you will enjoy more than just exceptional protection, flexibility and value. We provide an array of convenient and complementary customer services to save you time and money. Take advantage of our same-day issuance of insurance certificates, in-house claims department and on-site registry services.

For more information on insurance for your technology company in Boston, contact McSweeney & Ricci at 844.501.1360 or send us a message.