Boston Startup Predictions for 2019

Boston Startup Predictions for 2019

It used to be that entrepreneurs looking to launch a tech startup went west to California to get their businesses going. These days, Boston, Massachusetts has truly become an optimal environment for Startup Businesses and especially technology startups. A high concentration of investors (capitol), major educational institutions to issue grants and further research, such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, and a supportive community, are among reasons that so many Tech Startups are finding success in Boston. It’s no doubt, that the future is bright for the Startup ecosystem in Boston but we list below five 2019 specific to Boston Startups, as reported by BostInno.

  1. New Stream of Big Businesses Building Second Offices In Boston:  2019 will bring a new wave of companies, building second offices in Boston. Many international businesses will also make Boston their official headquarters. Word is out that Boston is a thriving opportunity for technology startups and it’s likely to keep growing.
  2. Boston will Be a Leading Area for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: Brendan Kohler the CTO at Sentenai said, “As an ecosystem Boston is really unique in that there has always been lot if talent in AI because the systems around robotic and drug manufacturing have existed for a long time.” Robotics is also a major focus of Boston area tech startups which will continue to grow. reported that “roughly 90% of the mobile ground robotics supplied to the U.S. military were developed in Massachusetts.” and “Mass.-based robotics companies received over $190 million in private investments in 2015, equal to 23% of total U.S. funding and second highest of any state, only behind California.” With numerous AI classes at both Harvard and MIT, Boston has a strong intellectual foundation for AI and Machine Learning.
  3. Percentage of Female Executives will Increase: There is a new California regulation that requires publicly traded companies within that state to have at least one woman on their board of directors by the end of 2019, two women on boards with five members or three women on boards with six members or more, by the end of July 2021. It is predicted that the California legislation will spur other states to propose legislation to help diversify the corporate workforce.
  4. Techlash is unlikely: Some sources have predicted a tech backlash-a hypothetical backlash of omnipotent tech companies, such as Google or Facebook.  Jeff Bussgang, general partner and co-founder of Flybridge Capital states, “our growing anchor companies (e.g., Akamai, HubSpot, TripAdvisor, Wayfair) seem to be very sensitive to being good community actors. I anticipate other local tech companies will double down on their community engagement in 2019 as it’s good for business, recruiting, and simply the right thing to do.”
  5. Startups will collaborate more with large corporations that have offices here: With numerous large and thriving innovation centers for retail, biotech, and financial services having offices in the city, Boston startups will collaborate with them on a grander scale.

Attempting to predict business trends is an important step toward planning for the future. With new technology being developed daily and new centers of innovation emerging in Boston, the Startup landscape in Boston is thriving and continuing to evolve.

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